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bogobit brake module Classic
Bild bogobit Bremsmodul classic
The classic among the bogobit modules!
  • only one track section
  • for Märklin digital and mfx
  • for DCC (two rail track)
  • controlled by turnout decoder or control box
bogobit track voltage indicator
Bild bogobit Gleisspannungsprüfer 3L   Bild bogobit Gleisspannungsprüfer 2L
The handy tool to check ...
  • track power supply,
  • brake modules,
  • isolated track sections
bogobit brake module Oneway
Bild bogobit Bremsmodul Oneway
The specialty of the bogobit modules!
  • prototypical, direction dependent braking, signal is passed from the rear
  • for Märklin digital and mfx
  • also for DCC with restrictions
  • two track sections
  • controlled by corresponding signal
bogobit signal decoder Digimux
Multiplex-Anschluss bogobit Digimux
Decoder for two multiplex signals
  • Control of two signals with multiplex connection
  • for Märklin/Motorola and DCC
  • switched output, for connection with brake module
  • simple programming upon keypress
bogobit multiplex interface SiDemux
Bild bogobit SiDemux
Control of one multiplex signal
  • manually by control box
  • automatically by reed switch
  • with a common turnout or signal decoder
Standard brake module
Bild bogobit Standard-Bremsmodul
The common style brake module for Märklin digital and mfx.
  • reasonably priced
  • three track sections: transition, brake, and stop section
  • controlled by turnout decoder or control box
bogobit brake module Classic ABC
Bild bogobit Bremsmodul classic ABC
The only bogobit module with ABC scheme!
  • braking method is the ABC scheme
  • only for decoders supporting ABC mode
  • loco remains under full digital control
  • controlled by turnout decoder or control box

Certain technical details on model railway technology will not be explained by the big manufacturers, but only on the little, smart websites run by true experts.

When personal enthusiasm for model railways meets professional knowledge and technical experience, something fine – maybe unique – may result. Hello and welcome to bogobit.

The website is mainly written in German, but some pages are also provided in English. The choice of language is made automatically according to the default setting of your browser. If you have difficulty understanding the German sections, I might help in English.